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  • Sandra Nava

10 Mouthwatering Wedding Food Bar Ideas

There’s nothing I love more than a great food bar! Who doesn’t really? Food bars are a great way to add some personalized touches to your wedding. Whether that be in the presentation, or the food itself. With so many different options for food, when it’s being served, and how it’s being served, food bars offer more flexibility than other traditional ways of feeding your guests. Make sure to coordinate with your venue and caterer, they often include food bar or buffet options in their packages, which will make everything even easier for you!

Below are 10 food bar ideas and some things to keep in mind when considering each option!

Panini bar

This is a great no frills meal that you can set up as a BYO bar without having to worry about hiring extra serving staff. Great for brunch and breakfast but maybe a bit on the light side for dinner. Make it extra cheesy and throw in some cooked protein like pulled pork or buffalo chicken and you've got a delicious midnight snack option! Be sure to include plenty of bread, spread, and filling options and it's sure to be a hit!

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Pasta Bar

Pasta bars are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Different pasta salads, served cold can act as an appetizer for your cocktail hour while a BYO version can be your main dish for dinner! Serve different styles of pasta that your guests can load up with their favorite sauces and proteins! And don’t forget the bread sticks! Bring on all the carbs!

Somewhat Simple Blog

Pizza Bar

Pizza bars can be a little more complicated depending on what you envision for your big day! The simplest approach is to serve different types of pizza that are already piping hot and ready to eat. You could even have the pizza delivered from your favorite pizza joint! Include 3-4 different options for your guests, including the hotly debated Hawaiian! Option 2 would be a BYO bar, which would require extra staff to cook everyone’s pizza for them as well as an oven to cook them in. Either way pizza bars are sure to win over guests young or old!

Junebug Weddings

Shawarma Bar

For couples looking for a non-typical food bar option, a shawarma bar is the way to go! Guests can choose between the traditional chicken, lamb, or beef, or opt for a meatless option. Include plenty of fresh veggies like cucumber, tomato, lettuce and sweet pepper, as well as olives and tabbouleh. Give your guests plenty of different hummus flavors to choose from, along with tahini and some Greek yogurt as spreads. And don’t forget warm pita bread or wraps!

The Spice at Home Blog

Waffle/pancake bar

A brunch wedding is not complete with the OG waffle or pancake bar! Just like the pizza bar, you can have these premade kept warm for your guests, or with help of catering staff you can have them made to order. Strawberry, blueberry, banana, chocolate, red velvet; if it’s sweet, it can go on or in a waffle or pancake! Don’t forget plenty of syrup and toppings to sprinkle over your flapjacks! Throw in some fried chicken for the ultimate brunch experience!

Brit + Co.

Bruschetta Spread

I consider this more of a spread than a bar since bruschetta is by nature more luxurious and basically the food of the gods! The classics are a must: tomato, olive oil, garlic, and mozzarella but for a really impressive spread you need to pull out all the stops. Bring all the cheeses, bring all the charcuterie! Make sure to get nice crusty breads like baguettes, sourdough, or a classic Italian loaf. Include a variety of spreads like avocado, pesto, balsamic vinegar, and soft cheeses as alternatives to the olive oil. Don’t forget additional toppings like artichoke hearts, pickled peppers, cherry tomatoes, assorted herbs and olives to give your spread some extra oomph and accommodate any vegetarian guests!

Country Side Cravings Blog

Crepes Bar

Another great brunch option! Similar to the waffle/pancake bar, crepes can be premade or made to order. The great thing about crepes is that you can let your guests decide if they want them savory or sweet! On the sweet side, include fresh fruits, jams and syrups; on the savory, include soft cheeses and charcuterie as well some cooked options like scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms and chicken.

Real Mom Nutrition Blog


This one is super easy! Provide different bagel options, spread options, and fillings! Go super simple with different flavored cream cheeses and jams for those that like it sweet, or add some more “fancy” options like brie or a pesto spread. For fillings start with the usual suspects: varied cheeses, charcuterie, and veggies, then add others like crispy bacon, tuna salad, scrambled eggs, and sausage.

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For the couple that loves tacos but doesn’t want to have the tired old taco bar at their wedding! Everyone loves tacos, especially BYO taco bars and taco trucks but lately every other wedding will feature one, which can sadly take some of the magic out of it! A nacho bar is the next best thing! Take all the great ingredients in a taco, toss them over some tortilla chips and you have a the same spectacular culinary experience plus some crunch!

Burger/Hot dog

What’s a summer wedding without these backyard classics? Great as a main course, or in slider form, midnight snack or cocktail hour appetizer. Like others on this list, you can provide premade patties and dogs, or have them grilled up to order. There are so many areas where your bar can shine, from condiments, to toppings, to the patties and hot dogs themselves! Get creative with a hot dog showoff between the good ol’ Chicago dog and the classic Detroit Coney dog, or let your guest choose between the classic cheeseburger or the explosive, cheese stuff patty of a Jucy Lucy!

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No matter what food bar you choose to go with, remember the most important part is having fun with it and choosing something you love and know everyone will enjoy!