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  • Sandra Nava

20 Questions to Always Ask Your Prospective Venues

One of the first things couples will book is their venue; it is one of the most important aspects after all! Like all things wedding related, however, there are countless things to consider when venue hunting; such as size, location, and overall aesthetics. Often times logistics items that are just as important as size and aesthetics—but maybe not as intuitive—get forgotten until they become a problem. This can cause you and your fiancé unnecessary stress on your wedding day!

I once coordinated a wedding where we were unable to use the main centerpieces due to the venue’s restriction on all types of glass vases. We had to scramble to find alternatives just hours before the reception! In this case the venue was partially at fault for not disclosing this information and assuming the couple would just know. Helping address major logistics issues during the venue selection process is just one of many things planners do for their clients. However, not everyone can hire a planner this early on in the process and that is totally ok! So for those of you planning solo, I’ve compiled a list of 20 questions to always ask your prospective venues!

  1. Is the venue available for exclusive use? If not, how many other weddings/ events will be booked the day of my wedding?

  2. Is the venue handicap accessible?

  3. Is there on-site parking? Is valet parking available?

  4. Is public transportation easily accessible from the venue?

  5. How many restrooms are there? Where are they located?

  6. Is there a secure space to store wedding gifts and other personal items?

  7. Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band? Are there any restrictions?

  8. Do you have a sound system with speaker, or will that need to be rented?

  9. Do you have a required/ preferred vendor list? Can we use other vendors not on the list?

  10. If I hire my own caterer, are kitchen facilities available to them?

  11. (For in-house caterer) What is the tax and service charge?

  12. (For in-house caterer) Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

  13. Do you have a liquor license?

  14. Do you have an in-house bar? Is there a bar minimum we have to meet?

  15. Are there any restrictions for decor? What’s allowed and what’s not?

  16. How early can vendor deliveries be made?

  17. How long do we have to clean up/ tear down?

  18. Is there an on-site venue coordinator? Will they serve as day-of coordinator?

  19. Do you provide tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware, and glassware?

  20. What’s included in your fees (rentals, catering, lighting, parking, etc.)?

There you have it! Just a few questions to make your venue search easier! Happy hunting!