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  • Sandra Nava

The Difference Between Venue Coordinators and Day-of Coordinators

Updated: Jan 16

As a wedding professional I spend the majority of my time in an echo chamber of wedding related stuff. So I tend to forget that many people have little to no idea about all the moving pieces involved in having a wedding. One of those pieces is the difference between a venue coordinator and a month-of (aka day-of) wedding coordinator.

Well I’m here to shed some light on the issue!

The first thing you should know is that a venue coordinator works for the venue; they don’t work for you. Their only obligation is to the venue, not to you or your guests. They will therefore only do what the venue has instructed them to do. Their primary job is to act as a liaison between you the venue and to coordinate all in-house venue staff such as setup, cleaning, and catering staff.

Here’s what they won’t do:

  • They won’t help you make design decisions or execute your design vision.

  • They won’t pin boutonnieres or tie corsages.

  • Timeline creation and execution. They won’t make sure your DJ and photographer know when it’s time for speeches or first dances.

  • Coordinate your vendors or have any contact with them prior to the wedding day.

  • Don’t help gather gifts and personal items for you at the end of the night. Nor will they distribute final vendor payments at the end of the night for you.

  • They won’t have an emergency kit handy should you tear your dress mid dance, and they likely won’t help mend it either.

  • They won’t distribute glow sticks to your guests to make the end of the night a dance party!

Now don’t get me wrong, venue coordinators are great! They make your life easier when it comes to well, venue stuff, and in some cases they go above and beyond their duties! I have worked with my fair share of amazing venue coordinators that have made my job and the job of other vendors way easier! You can’t just go on assumptions though, and this is why it’s super important for you to have a good understanding of what your venue coordinator is willing to handle on your wedding day. Make sure to ask them specific questions, especially if it relates to something that is important to you! If it sounds like your venue’s coordinator will be hands-off the day of your wedding, then you should consider hiring a month-of coordinator to help your wedding day run as smoothly and stress-free as possible!

Month-of coordinators handle all details big and small! We work for you and will therefore make sure you and your guests are taken care of, no matter what!

As your Month-of Coordinator, at Iris Weddings and Events we do all the things mentioned above that venue coordinators don’t do and more!

  • We make sure you, your fiancé, and your wedding party are fed before your ceremony.

  • We’ll help everyone into their formal wear.

  • We know exactly where all vendors need to be and at what time because we likely created your day-of timeline!

  • We help setup all tablescape items and make sure every single detail is just so.

  • We round up all family members that are on your portrait list so your photographer can focus on taking awesome pictures.

  • We help direct your guests to their seats and to the right place should you have separate cocktail and reception spaces.

  • We basically make sure everyone has a good time no matter what! There’s little we won’t do to make sure your wedding day is the best day ever!

Email Sandra today for more a more in-depth look at our month-of coordination services!